Pattaya Satellite and Cable T.V Saga

I’ve taken the plunge and opted to ditch True-visions (formerly UBC) in favour of CTH (Cable Thailand Holdings). I must say it will be a sad farewell to True-visions but the loss of the English Premier League is the “straw that broke the camels back”. Saturday and Sunday without the EPL just would not be the same, so it’s goodbye True-visions and hello CTH.

There’s no shortage of cable and satellite T.V options in Pattaya, I’ve had Sophon and TMN Cable but True-visions has been by far the best, at around 2,300 baht per month it’s not bad value when you consider a night at the cinema in a lounge style environment costs nearly a thousand baht.

For me though, it’s time to give the competition a chance and now I’m waiting for CTH to be installed, another deciding factor for me is CTH is going to be less than half the price of True-visions, and that is with 2 extra set top boxes, I would have liked to have True-visions in the bedrooms as well but I just couldn’t justify the extra cost.

CTH have a pretty impressive line up of channels (see the screenshots below), something to suit the whole family but I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I will update my thoughts when my pudding arrives. I just hope CTH doesn’t turn this into a saga, my wife has done all the dealing with them, initially they told her it would arrive on the 20th June, after her latest call they referred her to a cable and satellite installer in Pattaya who promised it would be installed on the 20th July.

I can’t give you any exact figures for the cost but you can check details on their website, unfortunately it is Thai language so I suggest you add the Google translator to your toolbar The Pattaya cable and satellite installer I was referred to is called ‘IT Care‘, Their telephone number is 038-375092.

CTH channel listing

CTH satellite channel listing.

Channel list for CTH

CTH Cable channel listing.

Verdict on CTH.

I’m not going to give you a channel by channel review of CTH, simply because that would take too long, no, not because they have such an extensive channel menu. But because it takes so damn long to change channels, changing from one channel to the next can take upwards of 10 seconds. You might think you never pressed the remote hard enough, then you press again, only to skip a couple of channels, it really is infuriating. Nothing wrong with the channel lineup, it’s not as good a choice offered by True-visions, but of course CTH have the English Premier League, and for less than half the price of True-visions I now have 3 set top boxes in 3 rooms. My only complaint is, what a terrible user experience it is, so much so that I can’t even be bothered channel surfing to find a program I like.

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