Koh Chang – Island of Activity

Koh Chang is the largest island on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, and Thailand’s second largest island, only Phuket is bigger. Of the three main islands on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, Koh Chang has the most to offer, there are more activities and things to do on Koh Chang than there are on Koh Samet and Koh Lahn, if you are looking only for a beach holiday Koh Samet and Koh Lahn are a good choice, but if you want a little variety, adventure and more things to do rather than just sit on the beach all day, then you must choose Koh Chang.

Accommodation on Koh Chang is diverse, there are cheap backpacker huts, luxury spas and resorts, and excellent value for money family resorts like Klong Prao Resort. The beaches are also diverse, White Sands Beach is the most popular beach on Koh Chang, hence it can get quite congested, but you can still find relatively secluded beaches around the island, I would say the beast beach on Koh Chang is Klong Prao Beach, it’s big, safe, and surprisingly it never gets overcrowded.

Be you a party animal, a backpacker, a beach potato, an adrenaline junkie or a solitude hunter you will be perfectly happy on Koh Chang. I selected a few of the best things to do on Koh Chang, and accompanied them with photos (below), read on and discover why Koh Chang is the obvious choice.

Kayaking through the mangroves at Koh Chang Thailand

Hire a kayak at Salkkok Koh Chang.

The Kayak Station at Salakkok Bay offers kayaks or you can simply enjoy the ride as you are rowed around on a gondola style boat, the mangrove swamp is a beautiful place to explore, as you paddle down river from the kayak station you enter a large bay which flows out to sea, there are small channels and little detours you can take through the mangroves. Be careful not to get lost, and be careful of the current as the water funnels out to sea. You can also take a tour of the mangroves on foot, concrete walkways have been built over the mangrove swamp, at the right time of year you might even see fireflies. There is also an excellent restaurant on the jetty.

Fishing boats at Salakkok Bay, Koh Chang, Thailand

Thai fishing boats at Salakkok Bay.

Salakkok Bay is a working fishing village, here you can see a traditional way of life and traditional Thai architecture in unspoilt natural surroundings.

Pier at Bangbao Fishing village, Koh Chang Thailand

Shop for souvenirs at Bangbao.

Bangbao Pier is a great place to shop for souvenirs, to dine or just take a walk, along the pier there are restaurants, accommodation, scuba diving shops and tour operators.

Klong Parao Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand

Taking a walk on one of the many spacious beaches on Koh Chang.

Take a night time stroll on the beach, as the sun starts to set, many of the beaches become desolate, White Sands Beach is transformed as a myriad of resorts set tables on the beach, complete with candles and fairy lights, most offer barbecued seafood or food off the standard menu.

Aerial view of White Sands, Koh Chang Thailand

View of White Sands, Koh Chang, Thailand.

Koh Chang has some breathtaking scenery, the photo above is an overview of White Sands. The photo was taken from the steep twisting road which takes you from the ferry terminal to White Sands .

Small island

Spectacular view from one of Koh Chang’s scenic viewing points.

The photo above was taken from one of the many scenic viewing areas on the island. One of the best ways to admire the beautiful scenery of Koh Chang is to hire a motorcycle, but be warned, you need nerves of steel and a high level of competence to negotiate the steep twisting roads.

Elephant trekking

Trek through the jungle on an elephant.

I can’t say that elephant trekking is one of my favourite pastimes but many people have it on their bucket list. I’ve done it and I won’t be doing it again for these reasons, if you are going to go elephant trekking just take the 1 hour ride, 2 hours starts to get pretty uncomfortable.

Hair Braiding on the beach at Koh Chang, Thailand

Get you hair braided on the beach.

You can get almost anything on the beach, including massage, beer and food, I don’t know why so many women like to get their hair braided on the beach, my own theory is that it’s a souvenir to take home.

Diving into a waterfall pool

Take the plunge in the cool Klong Plu waterfall, Koh Chang’s largest waterfall.

Due to Koh Chang’s geographical nature there are lots of waterfalls on the island, most of them are national parks so there is an entrance fee. The most popular waterfall on Koh Chang is Klong Plu Waterfall, a great place to go for a refreshing swim or impress the masses with your daring acrobatic dives into the pool.

Child playing on White Sands Beach, Koh Chang

Having fun on the beach.

Without doubt, if you visit Koh Chang you will spend most of your time on the beach, with or without your bucket and spade.

Sitting on the beach with a bottle of beer.

Chill Out with a beer.

You don’t need a bucket and spade to have fun on the beach, you don’t even need a chair, all you need is a green bottle and a little bit of solitude.


Have the ride of a lifetime at Flight of the Gibbon..

If the “Treetops Adventure”, is half as good as The Flight of The Gibbon in Chonburi, I will highly recommend it, I can safely say that was one of the best thrills I had in my life.

Hotels on Koh Chang

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