Thailand F.H.M Girl Next Door

This is the first of three private auditions with photo posts covering the Thailand F.H.M. Girl Next Door at Central Festival Beach mall in Pattaya. The event coincided with the penultimate day of the Pattaya Fast to Fest motor show, unless I missed something by going home to early, it was a brief but beautiful appearance by the F.H.M. Thailand Girls Next Door. Nothing much to say really, except “Wow”, what stunning girls, enjoy the photos.

Thailand F.H.M. Girls

Nobody wanted to miss this photo opportunity, good job my camera had the twist and tilt screen.

beautiful Thailand F.H.M. Girls Next Door

Six of the best from Thailand’s F.H.M. Girl Next Door 😉

Cute Thai girls at F.H.M. Thailand Girl Next Door parade

The Girls Next Door to who ?.

Two of F.H.M. Thailand's Girls Next Door

I’d like to live next door to these two.

Gorgeous Thailand FHM Girl Next Door

This one’s definitely my favorite Girl Next Door. And I’m her favorite “who ?”

Beautiful F.H.M. Thailand Girl Next Door

And here’s two more of my favorites.

See more photos of the Thailand FHM Girls Next Door.

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