Thai Land of Ladyboys

In this post I want to explore the reasons why there are so many Ladyboys in Thailand, I’m sure there can be no other place in the World with the same percentage of Ladyboys, also known as “Kathoeys, Shemales, Transgenders and Transexuals”. I’m sure everyone has there own thoughts and opinions on why there are so many Ladyboys in Thailand, and your feedback is welcome.

Thai Lady-boy

Thai Lady-boy.

You remember your first visit to Thailand ?, more specifically Pattaya, Bangkok or one of the popular tourist destinations of Thailand. You glimpse a pretty woman, then you stop to think “there’s something not quite right there” you see another woman, this time she ain’t so pretty and it’s obvious “She’s a Man”. After a while you learn how to spot a kathoey and you realize this is quite normal here, after all this is Thailand the land of tolerance, but why so many ?.

After ten years of living in Pattaya Thailand I still don’t know why there are so many Ladyboys in Thailand, but it’s one of those Thai things which have always intrigued me, of course I have my own opinions and theories, and even more questions, such as why so many Ladyboys in Pattaya, but first here’s my theories on why there are so many ladyboys in Thailand.

Thailand is a Buddhist nation, Buddhism teaches and promotes tolerance toward others, it does not denounce homosexual behaviour. It is even thought that children identified as kathoey are the result of bad karma from a previous life. Buddhist texts also often acknowledge the “Trans gender Being” namely “The Third Sex”. So maybe due to Buddhist beliefs Kathoeys are accepted rather than dissuaded ?.

I have heard many people say it is how the children are brought up, Girls being preferred to Boys, domineering mothers and subserviant fathers. But ask yourself what is a Ladyboy, if a Ladyboy ‘Kathoey’ really is a person born into the wrong body or a “Third Gender” would it really make a difference how you are raised as a child.

Another far out answer to the question of why so many ladyboys in Thailand, we all know the rural ares of Thailand are relatively poor and many men simply struggle to find well paid work, therefore they feel they stand a better chance as a woman and undergo sexual re-assignment surgery. I don’t go with that one myself, it seems far too extreme and he would need a substantial amount of money in the first place to pay for the surgery.

There are many more subjects to cover regarding Ladyboys including, ladyboys change of identity from Mr. to Ms, sexual orientation questions like are Ladyboys gay, and the role of ladyboys in Thai society, but for now let’s discover why there are so many Ladyboys in Thailand. Leave your opinions in the comments below and stay on the subject of “why so many Ladyboys in Thailand.

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