Thai Girls Photo Pose

Young Thai girls seem to love having their photo taken, and they more often than not strike the “V” sign pose, just like the Thai girl in the photo below, ( Thai boys prefer the “handsome pose” ). I never asked her to strike the “V” sign pose for me, I was taking a walk down the Pattaya Naklua fishing pier / jetty looking for some nice pictures of fishing boats. I saw the girl and her boyfriend fishing on the pier, and I thought that would make a nice photo, (you don’t see many women fishing), so I asked if i could take her photo, and presto, without hesitation she formed the classic Thai girl photo pose.

the classic photo pose for young Thai girls

Young Thai girls are always quick to strike the “V” sign pose for a photo.

I guess you could say the “V” sign pose is not really a “Thai thing” but an “Asian thing”, it seems very popular with Japanese, Chinese and Korean girls as well. But to foreign visitors and expatiates alike who notice this enigmatic photo for the first time whilst visiting Thailand, the “V” sign photo pose is very much a Thai thing.

Why do Thai girls make the “V” sign photo pose

  • It’s hard to say why Thai girls strike this pose for a photo, but just like young boys in Thailand, they are encouraged to pose by their parents. My own son is always encouraged by his mother to make the “handsome pose” for a photo.
  • Maybe they adopted it from their Asian neighbors, Japanese and Chinese trends seem to have a lot of influence in Thailand.
  • Could be the use of the “V” sign by famous people, Maggie Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Eisenhower all used this gesture, long time ago though so I doubt it.
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