Thai Ghosts

Thai ghosts are the topic of many a conversation amongst Thai people and if you stay in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand long enough to understand a little of the Thai language you will here Thai ghosts referred to on a daily basis. You will here many stories about ghosts in Pattaya, especially if you have a Thai wife or Girlfriend, ghosts and spirits are serious business in Thailand, the majority of houses, hotels, bars and businesses have a Spirit House strategically placed so that the spirits of the land, ‘Phra Phum’ may live there.

How many Thai Ghosts are there

There are many different kinds of ghosts and spirits in Thailand, they all take different forms and have their own little traits, some are good, some bad, some Thai ghosts are just down right evil. Some Thai ghosts and spirits live in the forest, some in the river, some in the rice fields and there’s even ghosts in the trees. Below are some of the better known Thai ghosts.

Some of the better known Thai Ghosts

Phi Am is a disemboweled Thai ghost who preys on people while they are sleeping, the ghost will lay on top of you and try to crush you, the victim may also feel partially paralyzed. I think you could possibly dismiss this one as sleep paralysis, unless you actually see the ghost that is.

Phi Chamob is a harmless jungle and forest dwelling ghost in Thailand, supposedly haunts places where women have died.

Phi Duat Leut is a blood sucking Thai vampire ghost. Forgive me but this one has to a woman.

Phi Ha is the ghost of a woman who has died during childbirth, best not to approach her as she has a violent nature.

Phi Kha reside inside womens bodies, they can be violent and have the power to possess people, the only treatment is to eat raw eggs. I reckon the price of eggs could rise quite steeply in Thailand.

Phi Krahang is a Thai ghost which sounds like it could be part man part chicken with an aura that glows at night, it’s an unsavory character who will eat anything, including shit, and is always ready to put the frighteners on you. Yep, seen a few of them ghosts in Pattaya.

Phi Krasue is a female Thai Ghost which appears to float around, armless and legless and if you care to take a peak under her dress you will discover she hasn’t got much of a body either, just a gory mess of intestines and other stringy bits. She is one of the most feared of all Thai ghosts and will eat you dead or alive. I’m sure a lot of men have been shocked after looking under a womans dress, so maybe she’s not that scary.

Phi Lok is a versatile Thai ghost who is happy to hang around in most places, it’s main traits are to frighten and to mislead, it’s said to be a visible ghost capable of physically touching it’s chosen prey. This is one of the most common Thai ghosts and is refereed to regularly, whenever a door slams shut, an object falls, a light bulb fails or something out of the ordinary happens you will hear people refer to Phi Lok.

Phi Hai are Thai ghosts which haunt places where an unnatural or violent death have occurred, they easily take offense and will possess you at the drop of a hat, you may tempt the Phi Hai to leave your body by offering it a gift, hopefully the ghost will accept the gift and leave because the next alternative is an exorcism, and finally whipping. I must have been possessed as a child.

Phi Pret is the ghostly rebirth of greedy, selfish and nonspiritual people which have died, Phi Pret still covets the things he cared about in life but is unable to find fulfillment due to having a huge belly and a mouth the size of a pinhead. Phi Pret can be extremely moody but is not considered dangerous.

Phi Krasue

Phi Krasue: by Xavier Romero-Frias under a creative commons share alike license.

The image (above) is Phi Krasue, one of the most infamous and feared ghosts in Thailand, take a look under your girls dress before it’s too late.

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