T-Girls on Walking Street

Been wondering what t-girls are, I thought maybe they are girls who serve tea, or might they possibly be “Wet T Shirt Girls”. I was wrong on both counts, after a quick Google I discovered t-girls is another name for what we call kathoeys or lady-boys in Thailand, transsexuals as they are commonly known.

Thai t-girls (ladyboys)

Two t-girls, aka Lady-boys or Kathoeys. Photo taken on Walking Street, Pattaya.

I took the above photo in Walking Street on New Years Eve on my way to the fireworks display, these 2 t-girls or “kathoeys” were getting lots of attention from the camera touting tourists who by and large are fascinated by the lady-boys of Pattaya. Thailand has a large percentage of kathoeys, the majority of them generally move to the tourist cities such as Pattaya, not always by choice but through necessity, more of which is explained in Thai land of ladyboys.

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