Reasons To Not Speak Thai

I must admit, I couldn’t find many reasons why you should not learn to speak Thai, but nobody else has compiled a list of ‘reasons to not speak Thai‘, so I compiled my list anyway. On a positive note, I did discover some excellent reasons to learn how to speak, read and write Thai, but if you’re looking for a reason to not speak Thai I did find some valid reasons, well at least they will be valid to some of you. Myself, I find some validity in both lists, I take comfort from the reasons I should not learn Thai because I have tried several times to make the effort, but language is not my strong point. When I consider some of the reasons I should learn to speak, read and write Thai I realize just how disadvantaged I am as a foreigner in Thailand, and that I should really make a more sustained and concerted effort to learn the language.

Reasons to speak, read and write Thai.

  1. You cant read Thai road signs so cant be blamed for getting lost.
  2. You don’t have to speak to the in in-laws.
  3. Your wife has deal with warranties and receipts when you go shopping.
  4. It limits the conversation with your wife.
  5. You won’t be upset by the frank remarks the bar girls are making about you, but get some deodorant anyway.

Reasons to speak, read and write Thai.

  1. you can have totally natural conversations with your wife about any subject.
  2. One of the best reasons to learn Thai must be the life saving potential it offers in an emergency situation.
  3. You know what the giggling bar girls are saying about you.
  4. You can talk openly about farangs who don’t understand Thai, if you’re that way inclined.
  5. You don’t have to rely on your kids to translate for you.
  6. You know what your favorite Thai food is called and you can order it just the way you like it.
  7. You can find your favorite food on a street stall.
  8. You would be surprised how many Thai women married to farangs also have a Thai husband, learn Thai and you might be even more surprised to discover your own wife talking on the telephone to her Thai husband.
  9. A great many Thai women are quite happy that their farang husband can’t speak Thai, you can turn the tables on her and annoy her at the same time by learning Thai.
  10. To some people, even though you speak, read and write fluently in your own language you might appear illiterate if you can not speak Thai.
  11. You can unashamedly speak up for yourself when the Thais converse about you as though you was not there.
  12. Learning Thai could be a great little project to keep you busy in retirement or on rainy days.
  13. You can ask for directions when you get lost, believe me you will get lost some time, your wife won’t like to admit being lost and so she will be reluctant to as for directions.
  14. It would be much easier to understand Thai culture and get valuable insights to life in Thailand.
  15. It is one of the requirements of gaining Thai citizenship, if you can speak, read and write Thai you already you will find it much easier to qualify for Thai citizenship.
  16. You like your in-laws and you actually would like to converse with them.
  17. You’ll improve your chances of getting a great deal if you can barter in Thai.
  18. You can use a more heartfelt plea to convince the policeman that 200 baht is an adequate fine for driving without a seat belt or driving drunk.
  19. You can write your name in Thai, especially useful if you want your name tattooed on your arm in Thai script.
  20. You can make Thai friends, wouldn’t it be great if your choice of Thai friends were not limited to those who could speak your native language .
  21. Your wife is domineering and has control of the TV, but at least you can understand the sequence of incoherent cries and whines of the latest Thai soap opera.
  22. You can get your haircut how YOU want it.
  23. The Thais will have much more respect for you if you speak to them in Thai, they appreciate the fact that you have taken the time and effort so to learn their language.
  24. You know that passing motorist you just cut up didn’t pay you a compliment.
  25. You can politely inform the person who just pushed in front of you that there is a queue, and he belongs at the back the back.
  26. You can help your kids with their homework.
  27. You can read Thai websites and forums.
  28. Sweet talk the girls with you fluent Thai wit and charm.

I’m sure we have all had our own trials and tribulations with the Thai language, do you have any good reasons to speak Thai or not to speak Thai. Leave your thoughts in the comments box.

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