Pattaya Train Station and Timetable

The main Pattaya train station is located on the eastern side of the Sukhumvit highway, about 3 kilometers from central Pattaya. At just 31 baht to Bangkok it’s a cheap way to travel but don’t expect any frills, and don’t expect to get there in a hurry. Scroll down the page and find the links to train journey prices and timetable.

At present the train leaves Bangkok at 0650, arrives in Pattaya at 10.18 and heads south to Sattahip. On it’s return journey from Sattahip it stops in Pattaya at 1420 before continuing to Bangkok, arrival time in Bangkok is 1825. Please read all the notes below before using the Pattaya to Bangkok train. You can find Pattaya Train Station on the map placed at the bottom of this page.

You can find all arrival and departure times using the Thailand Railways website, it is in Thai and English language and very easy to use. On the right side there is a simple menu which allows you to choose your origin and destination to reveal the departure and arrival times. click on “fares” to show the prices of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class tickets, it will also tell you the distance in kilometers. Thailand Railway website:

NOTE: The train only runs from Pattaya to Bangkok on weekdays. Although the website has pricing for 1st and 2nd class you should only expect 3rd class with no air conditioning. You may not be able to pre-book tickets for this journey.

For more information about advance booking of train journeys in Thailand you can refer to the following website.

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