Pattaya Naklua Beach

Pattaya Naklua Beach is best described as a beach of two halves, the southern end which borders Pattaya beach is rocky and somewhat neglected, the northern end where Naklua Beach borders Wongamat beach (see photo below) is much more suitable for swimming and sunbathing. When I say Pattaya Naklua beach is a beach of two halves I’m not only referring to the fact that one half is rocky and one half is sandy beach, the southern end of Naklua beach leaves a lot to be desired, as you will see in the photos.

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Naklua Beach, situated tween Wongaamat and Pattaya Beaches.

The southern end of Pattaya Naklua beach does have natural beauty, I think all beaches be they sandy, rocky, tree lined or cliff faced have natural beauty, it is usually the intervention of man which spoils and uglies beaches, and that is definitely the case with the south side of Naklua beach.

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Trip hazards on Naklua Beach.

The photo (above) is of the entrance to Pattaya Naklua Beach from Naklua Soi 22, I think the photo is self explanatory, it’s a shame really because the concept was to have these beautiful coastal footpaths linking the beaches. There are some good examples where this has worked well, the footpaths linking Jomtien, Dongtan and Pattaya Park beaches to Pratumnak beach are pristine and a credit to the authorities.

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Somewhere to fall !!.

This photo (above) is the southern most point of Naklua beach, what you see in the photo is all that remains of an elevated footpath which takes you to Pattaya Beach. You can still walk around to Pattaya Beach from here if you are willing to take a chance and climb the bamboo ladder and then negotiate a few more pitfalls along the path.

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Looking south towards Pattaya Beach.

North Pattaya Beach (see photo above) lies just on the other side of the headland should you decide to take the chance and negotiate the footpath.

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Dining with a sea view !!!

The beach at South Naklua consists of a rocky shoreline bordered by a narrow strip of sand (see photo above).

Naklua beach, Pattaya Thailand

It’s a bit rocky !!. Or is it a bit sandy ?

Low tide at the southern side of Pattaya Naklua Beach reveals a large expanse of rocks and rock pools which makes it a popular place for locals to collect shellfish.

rockpool at Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand.

Beware the hazards of the rock pools at Naklua Beach.

One thing you’re sure to find in the rock pools of South Naklua Beach is glass, there’s an abundance of it, make sure you wear shoes.

beach loungers on naklua beach, Pattaya Thailand

Somewhere to chill.

So on to the other half of Pattaya Naklua Beach, the northern end is quite a contrast to the south, the sandy beach is much more popular with swimmers, it’s just more popular actually. There are seating areas at both ends of Naklua Beach, not many hawkers and I never noticed any jet Skis, if you want these you are better off going somewhere else, but avoid the scammers on Pattaya Beach.

How long is Naklua Beach ?.

Naklua Beach is roughly 800 meters long, at it’s northern point it meets Wongamat Beach, at it’s southern point a headland separates it from Pattaya Beach.

sandy beach pattaya naklua

Naklua Beach, Pattaya Thailand

Getting to Pattaya Naklua Beach.

You get to Naklua Beach from Naklua Soi 22 or Soi 20, as you exit the Dolphin Roundabout heading towards Naklua, Soi 22 is only about a hundred meters away on your left side, Soi 20 is just beyond.

You can also access Naklua Beach via Naklua Soi 18, this takers you to Wongamat Beach, from Wongamat just bear left around the rocky point and you arrive at Naklua Beach.

Use this google map of Naklua Beach to find directions.

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