Pattaya Cinema

The links to Pattaya’s Major Cineplex and SF Cinemas at Pattaya Central Festival Beach, Big C and the Avenue Mall are all working, and take you directly to the movie screening time in Pattaya.

Click on the RED Links to preview movie screening times in each of Pattaya’s cinemas.

Big C North Pattaya

SF Cinema City.
3rd Floor, Pattaya 2 Road.
Tel 038 361500 -1

The Avenue

Major Cineplex,
Pattaya Second Road,
Tel: 038 052227-32.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach

SFX Cinema.
Pattaya Second Road.
Including outdoor cinema.
Tel 033-003-555.

The soundtrack language will usually be denoted by:

  • (T) or (TH) Thai
  • (TH/EN) Thai with English subtitle
  • (E) English
  • (EN/TH) English with Thai subtitle

On-line cinema seat payment and reservation.

SF Cinema (Big C and Central Festival Beach Shopping Mall), reserve and book your cinema seat with a credit card, K-debit card, or Smart Purse Card (available from 7-11). If you select the “pay on pickup” option you must arrive 45 minutes early.

Major Cineplex (The Avenue Shopping Mall), reserve and pay for your cinema seat with Master-card, Visa or JCB Card. You can reserve a seat without making any payment, a code will be sent via email, turn up 45 minutes before the movie screening time and pay at the kiosk machine or the VIP line, alternatively you can take the code to 7-11 and pay at least one hour before.

There are also two 4D motion theaters in Pattaya

XD Theater (4D motion theater).
6th floor Central Festival Pattaya Beach
11.00 Hrs till 02.00 Hrs.
Movies Showing XD Motion Master Theater Pattaya.

Ripleys Motion Master (4D cinema).
Third Floor, Royal garden Plaza,
Pattaya Beach Road,
Open every day 11am – 11pm.
Ripleys Pattaya 4D Motion Movies.

SFX Cinema at Central Festival Pattaya Beach has multiple screens, including first class and the unique alfresco cinema experience of the porch.

Find cinemas by clicking the Google map of every cinema in Pattaya.

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I think we are fortunate to have such a choice of movie cinemas in Pattaya, prices are reasonable and service is good. What are your thoughts on Pattaya’s cinemas, do you rate the service and think they are value for money, leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Pattaya Cinema Tip: Before a movie is screened it is custom throughout Thailand to play the Thailand Royal Anthem, please follow suit and stand up for the duration of the anthem, not to do so would be considered extremely disrespectful.

Best 4D – 3D Cinema Movies.

I’ve tried both of the 3D/4D movie cinemas in Pattaya, in terms of quality, effects and realism there is no real difference between them, both Ripley’s and XD Theater have good sound effects, motion chairs and atmospheric effects. I think the whole 3D/4D movie experience depends on the actual movie, if you have a choice of movies, choose one that is likely to project/thrust objects towards you, Dinosaurs are one of the best for this. Roller coaster rides and high speed space travel are very popular 3D/4D movie subjects, but for me they don’t come come close to the first Dinosaur movie I watched at Ripleys.

How to get the best seat in the cinema.

The cinemas in Pattaya are all relatively new and state of the art, the seating layout is designed to ensure all seats have an optimum viewing experience. Some seats are better than others though, sit too close to the front of the cinema and you may be constantly turning your head to follow the action, sit at the end of the row and you won’t get the best stereo sound effects, same if you sit in the middle of the row, sit at the back and you don’t get the most of the big screen experience.

According to experts, the best place to sit in a cinema is about 2 thirds back from the screen, to get the best stereo sound effects you should sit slightly to the left or right of the center of the row.

Movie Censorship in Thailand.

All movies, including movies screened at cinemas in Thailand are reviewed and censored as required by the Censorship Board according to the 1930 Film Act. Scenes of nudity, smoking cigarettes, and pointing guns are often censored by pixelating (blurring the picture). All this censorship seems somewhat ironic when scenes of extreme violence, including people getting hacked to pieces are left alone, but what can you say “This is Thailand”.

Random World and Thailand Cinema Facts.

  • In 1897 The first movie was screened in Thailand, it was “The Wonderful Parisian Cinematograph” by Auguste and Louis Lumière.
  • Prince Sanbassart (Prince Thongthamthawanwong) assisted by wealthy Thai business men was the first to import and utilize film making equipment in the early 1900’s. The Prince often filmed royal occasions and he was dubbed “the Father of the Thai Film Industry”.
  • The first recognized Thai movie actors were Chamras Suwakhon and Manee Sumonnat when their names were written on their studio chairs.
  • Thailand’s first “drive in cinema” was opened in 2003, but rather than view the movie from your own car, a collection of prestige cars are used to view from.
  • In 1927 the first all Thai feature film was Chok Sorng Chan (Double Luck), produced by the Bangkok Film Company.
  • The largest cinema chain in Thailand is that of Major Cineplex which also incorporates EVG Entertainment, they boast 32 cinemas and 258 movie screens.
  • The largest cinema in Thailand is the Paragon Cineplex situated in Siam Paragon, it has a 5,000 seat capacity and 16 screens.
  • The first “talking movies” were imported in to Thailand in 1928.
  • The first Thai colour movie was made in 1933. it was named Pu Som Fao Sap (Grandpa Som’s Treasure).
  • Payut Ngaokrachang was the first to produce animated movies in Thailand.
  • Cinemas are also referred to as movie theater, film theater, movie house, picture house, picture palace, picture cinema, silver screen, the pictures, the flicks, the flea-pit.
  • The word “cinema” is derived from the Greek “kinematos” meaning movement or motion.
  • The world’s first cimema chain was operated by Nickelodeon, the first was opened in Pittsburgh in 1905.
  • The world’s first cinema (Vitascope Hall) was opened in 1896 in New Jersey.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest operating cinema is the Korsør Biograf Teater in Denmark, it has been operating since 1908.
  • In 1957, Canada was the first country in the world to have a cinema with 2 screens.
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