Pattaya Bus and Coach Stations

North Pattaya Bus Station

From the North Pattaya Bus Station there is a regular service which arrives at 3 destinations in Bangkok, there is also a service (the yellow bus) which goes to Rayong, Samui and the north-east. Both of these services, the blue and white bus to Bangkok, and the yellow bus are operated by Reuang Coach Company.

Bus from North Pattaya Bus Station to Bangkok.

The blue and white bus departs from Pattaya to 3 bus stations in Bangkok, Ekamai (eastern Bus Terminal), Morchit 2 (Northern Bus Terminal) and Sai Tai (Southern Bus Terminal). Buses leave Pattaya on a regular basis between 0430 and 2300, tickets cost between 120 – 150 baht. For more information use the Roong Reuang Blue and White Bus website, Thai and English language.

The Yellow Bus from North Pattaya Bus Station.

The yellow Bus is also operated from North Pattaya Bus Station by Roong Reuang Coach Company. Destinations of the Yellow Bus include Rayong, Koh Samui, and various destinations in North East Thailand (Issan), they also offer a parcel delivery service. For more information on schedules, destination and booking tickets, see the Yellow Bus website, in English and Thai Language.

Roong Reung Pattaya Bus to Airport.

Roong Reung Coach Company are now running a new service from Pattaya to the airport. Buses will be departing 7 times per day, pick up points in Pattaya are on Chaiyapruk Road and Thapphraya Road. departing the airport from the airport bus terminal and first floor, airport building between gates 7 and 8. Their Pattaya office is on Thappraya road, just north of the Threppasit road, opposite pan pan pizza. For more information check out the Roong Reung Pattaya to Airport Bus website.

Bell Travel Bus from Pattaya to Airport.

Pattaya to Bangkok at: 0900,1300,1700. Price roughly 300 Baht. Suvarnabhumi 200 Baht. Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport: 0600, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900. Please refer to Bell travels web site for more detail and information, they pick up from various locations in Pattaya and Bangkok, they also require you to subscribe via e-mail, For details use the Bell travel website. Tel:038 370055 (Bangkok 027 474673)

Pattana 407 Coach Company, Petronas gas station Pattaya Klang.

Situated on the left side of forecourt at the Petronas petrol station, Just north of the Central Road junction on Sukhumvit Highway. Regular trips to the North East every day. A V.I.P. sit alone ticket to Nongkai costs 620 Baht. Tel: 038 249162 (038 733167)

Nakonchai Air Coach Company (Sukhumvit Pattaya Klang).

The depot is on the Sukhumvit Highway just south of the Central Pattaya junction, on the east side of the highway, watch carefully or you will miss it. They operate routes to Northern and North Eastern Thailand and south to Rayong. For more information on schedules visit the Nakhon Chai website, in English and Thai language. Please note, there does not appear to be any arrival and departure times for Pattaya, may be better to to call the office, Tel: 038 424871 (038 427841).

Chan Tour: Sukhumvit Pattaya Klang.

Sorry, can’t find much information about Chan Tour, except the run between Pattaya and Khon Kaen. The terminal is located on the slip road which enters Sukhumvit Highway from Pattaya Klang Road (Pattaya Central Road), you can call them on 038-719-090.

Pattaya Bus Stations Map.

For more information about Thailand’s Bus and Coach routes the sites below are very informative.

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