Pattaya Bike Week 2012 – Photos

Bikes of all shapes, colors and sizes converged in Pattaya for the annual Burapa Pattaya bike week, brotherhoods, clubs, clans, whatever you call them came from all over Thailand and Southeast Asia for what is now Thailand’s premier bike meet. Below is a collection of photos of the colorful motorbikes and even more colorful characters who gathered at the Pattaya indoor sports arena and public park on Pattaya’s Soi Chaiyaphruek 2.

custom bikes at the pattaya burapa bike week

Is Nicholas Cage here ?.

custom motorcycle at the Burapa bike week in Pattaya Thailand

Little bit retro, definitely not Nic Cage’s ride.

custom build motorbike at the Burapa Pattaya bike week

It’s no good for the school run !.

custom built choppers at the Pattaya bike week

Forkin heck !

ducati monster Pattaya Thailand

It’s a monster.

Burapa bike week, Pattaya Thailand

Can’t do that on a Gold-wing

Bike week Pattaya Thailand

Might need to fork out some heavy parking fines.

bike week

Oy oy, where’s your bikes ?.

a colorful character riding a bicycle at the pattaya bike week

No, mate, not them sort of bikes.

motor-biker at pattaya bike week

These sort of bikes.

pattaya bike week

We woz ere !.

motorcycle wheel spokes

here look at him, he spoke to the bike !.

Pattaya Burapa bike week page 2
Pattaya bike week page 3

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