Pattaya Backpacker Hotels

There are some amazingly cheap hotels and guest houses in Pattaya, ideal for backpackers and budget travelers. If you want to book on-line the only real options are Agoda, and Hostel Booker’s, I already took the trouble of finding the best on-line Pattaya hotel deals, you can see them below and book direst via the links.

I know backpackers are adventurous and pre-booking a hotel doesn’t go with the territory, and you really don’t need to book in advance, Pattaya has more guest houses and cheap hotels than you can shake a stick at. Most of the hotels and guest houses I listed below are around 10 U.S dollars per night, you will easily get a walk in deal for the same price or even less. You may find yourself in a fan room above a bar, a remote resort miles from anywhere, or a dingy Bed and Breakfast accommodation but there are many decent clean rooms to be had for 10 dollars or less.

Bargain Pattaya Backpacker Hotels and Guest Houses. ( from )

A selection of the cheapest hotels in Pattaya from Click on the link to go direct to the hotel booking page at

Backpacker Time Guest House, Naklua Pattaya.
Time Guest House Pattaya

Time Guest House Pattaya

Asia Backpackers (Soi Buakhow Pattaya)
Pattaya backpackers accommodation

Asia Backpackers – Pattaya Thailand.

Baan Rak Sa Bai Resort.
Cheapest hotels in Pattaya Thailand

Baan Rak Sa Bai Resort, Pattaya Thailand.

Hook A Prawn Resort.
Pattaya cheap hotels.

Hook A Prawn Resort, Pattaya Thailand.

Hotel Le Sud.
The cheapest hotels and guest houses in Pattaya Thailand

Hotel Le Sud, Pattaya Thailand.

Irish Rovers.
Selection of the cheapest hotels in Pattaya.

Irish Rover, Pattaya Thailand.

Joe Palace.
Backpacker hotel and guest house accommodation in Pattaya Thailand.

Joe Palace Hotel.

Lake Villa Resort
Cheapest guest houses, hotels and lodgings in Pattaya Thailand.

Lake Villa Resort, Pattaya Thailand.

Lek Apartment.
Pattaya's cheapest hotels.

Lek Apartment Pattaya Thailand.

Maggie Mays.
Cheap backpaker hotels in Pattaya Thailand.

Maggie Mays Guest House Pattaya.

Baan Keaw Ruean Kwan.
Pattaya cheapest hotels and guesthouses for backpackers.

Baan Keaw Ruean Kwan, Pattaya Thailand.

T and T Ocean View.
Cheapest backpacker hotel rooms in Pattaya.

T & T Ocean View, Pattaya Thailand.

Your Guest House.
Backpacker hotels and guest houses in Pattaya.

Your Guest House Pattaya.

More Pattaya Backpacker Hotels from and

Cheapest online deals from booking .com, from 350 – 500 baht per night.

Pattaya budget hotels from

Backpacking is all about doing things cheap, you might have initially been deterred from visiting Pattaya, believing prices were inflated to match the high tourist numbers. I’m sure you will change your mind after seeing some of the fantastic cheap hotel deals available in Pattaya, it’s cheap to get around Pattaya as well, and if you are careful you have the option of cheap motorcycle hire to give you freedom.

Pattaya Backpackers Hotel Map.

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