Mimosa – A Colourful Attraction

Mimosa brings a taste of Europe to Pattaya, as you see in the photos below, Mimosa has a very distinct European theme, since opening in February 2013 the adventurous project has been attracting hordes of visitors. Mimosa is more than just a tourist attraction, it is a boutique shopping mall, entertainment center and multicultural dining center.

The best time to visit Mimosa is late afternoon as the bold colours are enhanced by the setting sun, if you want to take some striking photos this is the best time for you as well. The 50 baht admission fee (25 baht for children under a certain height) includes 2 shows, the first of which starts 6.30PM. I have heard it mentioned that the current admission price of 50 baht is a temporary promotion, and the price will eventually be raised to at least 200 baht, I even read one article which claimed this might be as much as 1200 baht, at that price I don’t believe they will get a great deal of custom. I will say at 50 baht it’s worth the entry fee, you can find Mimosa by using the Pattaya Mimosa google map.

Mimosa City of Love, botique style mall and entertainment center in Pattaya Thailand.

Mimosa, Pattaya’s City of Love.

There have been ventures similar to Mimosa, most notably The Village which have failed, or at least never reached it’s full potential, only time will truly tell if Mimosa has all the ingredients to be a success.

Mimosa Shopping Mall

Mimosa Pattaya.

Besides having a certain charm about it, Mimosa is a fully operational boutique style shopping mall.

Mimosa, european style mall in Pattaya

European style architecture at Mimosa Pattaya.

The style and the bright, bold colours really make Mimosa stand out from the crowd.

architecture at Mimosa Pattaya

Attention to detail at Mimosa Pattaya.

The devil is in the detail “as they say”, cast iron work, wooden trim and Olde World European style signage add the finishing touches to Mimosa.


Colorful Mimosa.

Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa, it’s bold and colorful.

Man on stilts.

Welcome to Mimosa.


Lady-boys ready to perform at the Mimosa cabaret show.

One of the current features at Mimosa is the Lady-boy cabaret show, if you like glitz and glamor, and extraordinary people, You’ll probably enjoy the show. Hard to say how Lady-boys are associated with the European theme, except nobody can put on a show like a Lady-boy can.

Ladyboy, also known as Kathoey, dressed ready to perform at a cabaret show at Mimosa Pattaya.

Pattaya Ladyboy Cabaret at Mimosa.

I will sum up by saying that I didn’t check out any of the restaurants or drinking establishments, I never stayed to watch the shows, but there does appear to be some cool places to eat and drink. I was there solely to see the place and take a few photos, in regard to which I could have and should have stayed a lot longer, like the stars of the show (see photo above), Mimosa is a highly photogenic place. One day, if the price remains reasonable I will return, I will take some more photos, try the food and drink, and watch the Lady-boy show.


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