Khao Lak Chang Bat Cave – Pak Chong

Well worth a look if you are visiting the northern area of khao Yai National Park. Although Khao Lak Chang Bat Cave is located about 6 kilometers outside the National Park, it is one of the favorite attractions in the Pak Chong area.

The spectacle at Pak Chong Bat Cave

What you will see at Pak Chong Bat Cave is millions of Bats leaving their cave to go and feed, the cave is located high up on the hillside but it is visible from the bottom, it is easily recognizable due to the railings in front of the entrance. At dusk, between 6 and 6.30 pm the bats start leaving the cave, slowly building in numbers they stream out over the treetops and give the impression of a giant ribbon swaying through the sky. I believe the Bats exit the cave for about 2 hours but you will only get around 30 minutes of quality viewing due to the light fading.

The one thing which disappointed me was the fact we did not get closer to the cave, some reports about Pak Chong Bat Cave on the internet lead me to believe we would be positioned at the mouth of the cave, this was not the case when we visited, we remained at the bottom of the hill, none the less it was still a spectacle worth seeing. Google map of Khao Lak Chang Bat Cave – Pak Chong

Arrange your trip and lodgings

you can easily find and arrange hotels and resorts by Googling Pak Chong Hotels, there are also many tour companies and local resorts which offer trips to Khao Lak Chang Bat Cave, as well as other attractions in and around Khao Yai National Park.

Where we stayed in Pak Chong

we stayed at the Eco Valley Lodge in Pak Chong and also arranged our visit to the Khao Lak Chang Bat Cave through them. They offer various tours including full day and half day tours of Khao Yai National Park, taking in various beauty spots including the Bat Cave. The resort is in a beautiful setting but beware, some of the rooms are tired and have poor fitting doors, you may wake up to discover a giant millipede or 2 in your room. See a map of Eco valley Lodge – Pak Chong

For more information about Pak Chong hotels, resorts and local attractions have a look at

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    • says

      First time I have ever seen anything like that, just wish I could have got some decent photos but there wasn’t enough light for my camera.

  1. says

    It must be spectacular to see it real, creepy, but spectacular. I’ve been to a temple in India with thousands of rats (rat temple indeed) running around, not very spectacular :P

    • says

       I’m pretty sure I saw a documentary about the temple in India, that would creep me out, I can’t stand rats, cockroaches or big spiders.
      But yeah the bat cave was well the journey.

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