How to hire a motorbike in Pattaya

Where can I hire a motorbike in Pattaya ?.

You don’t have to wander far to hire a motorbike in Pattaya, many hotels and guest houses in Pattaya have their own motorcycle rental service. Besides this there are many independent motorbike rental vendors and companies in Pattaya. Just walk a short and you’ll literally be falling over them, especially on Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road, here you will see rows of motorbikes lined up, usually with a price per day displayed on them. The best thing to do is use a motorbike rental service which has been recommended to you. There are many rip off merchants in Pattaya, so don’t think that Pattaya motorbike rental vendors are any different.

Motorcycles for hire in Pattaya, Thailand

A typical selection of motorcycles for hire between Beach Road and Second Road, Pattaya Thailand.

What does it cost to hire a motorcycle in Pattaya ?.

The cost of motorcycle hire in Pattaya ranges from about 150 – 250 Baht per day for a 100 – 125cc motorbike such as Honda wave, a Mio, and other bikes in that style and size. Basically, the bigger the bike the more you will pay, if you hire a 1000cc Super Bike or a Harley Davidson in Pattaya you will likely pay as much as 1000 Baht per day. You can get cheaper motorbike rental in Pattaya if you hire a motorbike long term. If you hire a motorbike over a week or a month period you should get a considerable discount, monthly rental fees for a Honda Wave or similar bike are as cheap as 2500 Baht per month. A deposit is usually expected, which you get back providing there is no damage to the bike. The amount of deposit for your average Honda Wave style bike may be up to 1000 baht, or if you hire long term, say a month, the deposit might be the equivalent of a months motorbike hire.

What do I need to hire a motorcycle in Pattaya.

In theory, all you need to hire a motorbike is a copy of your passport and details of your address in Pattaya, some of the Pattaya motorcycle rental vendors may ask to keep your passport, be very careful about this, try and use a vendor who will accept a photocopy. I say in theory because the law and insurance matters can be a grey area, but most vendors will not ask you for a license of any form, ‘although legally you are advised to have one. This may be different in the case of bigger bikes, and the vendor may not let you hire the bike unless you can prove you have some experience. In reality, you should have a motorcycle license from your home country, and an International Driving Permit.

Safely and legally hire a motorcycle in Pattaya.

  • Get an international driving license which covers the class of bike you want to hire in Pattaya.
  • Better still bring your motorbike license from home, plus an international driving permit if you intend hiring a motorbike in Thailand.
  • Wear a crash helmet, it is required by law for driver and passengers.
  • Drive with your light on, this is also required by law.
  • Wear sensible shoes (no flip flops or sandals).
  • Do not drink and drive, it is illegal, and it’s pretty irresponsible.
  • If you are staying in Pattaya for a long period get a Thai motorcycle driving license, you require an ‘o’ visa (or equivalent) to apply for this.
  • Get accident/travel insurance, make sure your insurance covers you for motorcycle hire, and that it covers the class and engine size of the motorcycle.
  • Keep your personal health/accident insurance details on you at all times.
  • Keep the compulsory insurance document under the motorcycle seat.
  • Keep a copy of the rental agreement and the vendor/renters contact details under the seat or about your person.
  • Beware the Motorcycle Highway Men, thugs who ride around and snatch gold and valuables from other motorcyclist and pedestrians.

Things you should Check before hiring a motorcycle in Thailand.

  • The motorbike should have a minimum of road tax, registration papers, and compulsory third party insurance.
  • Ask the vendor if they supply any additional insurance benefits.
  • Make sure a helmet is supplied, most crash helmets are basic or ill fitting, you would be well advised to buy a full face helmet instead.
  • Take photos of the bike before you ride away, just in case the vendor tries to charge you for damage you did not inflict, include the vendor/renter in the photos so there can be no denying any damage was already existent.
  • Make sure your insurance covers you for motorbikes.
  • Check the small print of your insurance policy, many insurance companies will not cover you if you do not have a full motorbike license from your own country, some will not even recognize the international driving license. Some may insist you have full a license for the country where you ride or hire the motorbike.
  • Read the terms of the motorcycle hire contract, especially the fine print.
  • Confirm if their is any maximum distance/area restrictions you can travel.

Driving your motorbike around Pattaya.

  • Drive defensively, the best way is to imagine everything else is trying to kill you.
  • Be especially careful around Baht Buses, they have a habit of cutting you up or stopping unexpectedly.
  • Watch for other motorcyclists passing you on the wrong side as you are about to make a turn.

In summary, it is easy to hire a motorbike in Pattaya, but be reminded of the risks. It is far better to be covered legally in the form of a license, and financially in the form of insurance. Take a look at the clip below, this is an example case from the U.K.

Travellers warned over insurance.

British standards are being applied unfairly overseas as a basis for rejecting travel insurance claims, according to a consumer watchdog. It cites the case of a 19-year-old who crashed a moped in Vietnam but his insurer refused to pay out. The insurance company involved said the policy “clearly stated” that the driver must have a full UK motorcycle licence. The group has highlighted the example of gap year student James Pinnington, 19, who crashed his moped in Vietnam in May breaking both his legs.

Although James had what he thought was comprehensive travel insurance and a full driving licence and was wearing a helmet, his insurer refused to honour the claim because he did not have a full UK Class A motorcycle licence. A licence is not required in Vietnam to ride some smaller mopeds on public thoroughfares, and helmets only became mandatory in December 2007. James’s father Chris had to pay £25,000 to transport his son from a remote village in Vietnam to London via Bangkok.

Get travel insurance in Thailand, it’s not too late.

Would you like to go on a Thailand motorcycle tour.

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