Pattaya High and Low Seasons

As a general rule the high and low seasons in Pattaya are determined by the seasonal weather. The high season begins in November which is usually the start of the cooler dry season. The low season starts in April before the weather reaches it’s hottest temperatures. This also means high season hotel prices in Pattaya usually begin on November 1st, and low season prices begin on April 1st. These dates are only a rough guideline, carry on reading for more information.

Pattaya High Season Weather.

Quite often the worst of the monsoon season weather arrives in Pattaya during early October, this is frequently the month when Pattaya receives its highest monthly rainfall. Although Pattaya may see occasional rain in early November, by now the weather has usually broken, and drier, cooler weather has arrived on the north-east winds. Between November and February the weather will be mainly dry, humidity will be at it’s lowest annual levels, expect an average of 8 hours sunshine per day, and 12 hours of daylight. March will see a slow rise in temperature, but will remain dry apart from occasional showers. April also is mainly a dry month but the temperatures can be unbearably hot.

Pattaya Low Season Weather.

After the extremely hot months of April and May the weather starts cool to a little, following the usual Pattaya weather patterns, the southwest monsoon winds bring ever more frequent showers and rising humidity levels. September and October see the heaviest periods of rainfall, and extremely unpleasant humidity levels.

Pattaya Hotel Seasonal Price Adjustments.

Most hotels and resorts in Pattaya raise their room prices on November 1st, and maintain the higher prices until April 1st, but this is the norm, and certainly not the rule. Some Pattaya hotels start their high season rates mid October, and it’s not uncommon to see high season prices extended over the Songkran period or right through to May 1st. In addition to the usual high and low season prices there are often peak season charges, usually covering the Christmas and New Year period. I managed to find a few Pattaya hotels which display their annual high and low season prices (see below). You can see for yourself there is a broad date range covering their high and low season prices.

  • Royal Twins Hotel:
  • Low season 01-JUN – 31-OCT
  • High season 01-NOV – 31-MAR
  • On 31 Dec. compulsory Gala Dinner is 2,500 Baht/person/room
  • From 25 Dec. 08 to 15 Jan. 09, additional charge of 500 Baht to the above rates.
  • From 26 Jan.09 to 01 Feb. 09, additional charge of 500 Baht to the above rates.
  • From 12 Apr. 09 to 14 Apr. 09, additional charge of 500 Baht to the above rates.
  • Carlton Pattaya Hotel:
  • Low seasom May 1st – October 15th
  • Peak season October 16th – April 30th
  • Bay Breeze Hotel:
  • High season November 1st – December 24th and January 1st – April 30th
  • Peak season December 25th – January 10th
  • Low season May 1st – October 31st
  • Jasmine Hotel:
  • High-season Oct 1st – April 20th
  • Low-season April 21st – September 30th
  • Mr Mac’s Hotel:
  • High season November – February
  • Discount March – May
  • Further discount June – September
  • The Park Hotel:
  • Green season May 1st – October 31st
  • High season November 1st – April 30th
  • Peak season December 24th – January 5th
  • Surcharge: New year Festival on 31 Dec to 03 Jan (from Peak Season)
  • 300 Baht nett per room per night for Standard, Deluxe Room and Dimond Suite
  • 500 Baht nett per room per night for Oriental Suite

Finding Pattaya Hotel High and Low Season Prices.

Only a handful of Pattaya hotels and resorts actually display their annual high and low season dates and prices. These days most people book hotels through on-line booking sites such as Agoda and, which only give you the option of choosing your dates before showing the room price. If you’re looking for low season prices close to the beginning or end of the Pattaya high season you may have to be flexible with your date range.

Checking prices during high and low season transition periods: The case may be that you have to routinely go through the booking process using several different dates close to when you think the transition from high to low, or low to high season are going to occur. You may see significant price reductions or increases before or after the transition. Also beware that during the Christmas and New Year period many hotels include a mandatory surcharge for events such a gala dinners.

Pattaya High Season Events.

  • The Loy Krathong Festival in November.
  • Pattaya Longboat Races at Mabprachan Lake, November.
  • Pattaya International Fireworks Competition, November.
  • King’s Birthday, December 5th.
  • Christmas Day 25th December.
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display, January 31st.
  • Chinese New Year, January/February.
  • Pattaya Music Festival, March.
  • Songkran Festival, April.

Pattaya High Season Advantages.

The most obvious advantage of visiting Pattaya during the high season is the pleasant weather. Temperatures are still warm at between 26 – 30 Celsius but humidity is lower that any other time of year. For those that like to party, this is the time when Pattaya is in full swing. High season is a time of high employment and high profit for tourism related businesses in Pattaya, which in turn creates a contagious feel good factor.

Pattaya Low Season Advantages.

The biggest advantage of visiting Pattaya during the low season is some incredibly reduced hotel prices, during this period prices will often be reduced by as much as 50 percent, watch out for some amazingly cheap hotel deals on and Bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and beaches are much less crowded, and you might just find the service a little better and more personable.