Pattaya Hotel Booking Tips

These Pattaya hotel booking tips, used in conjunction with the map at the bottom of this page will help you choose the best room, in the right place, for the right price. First, and very importantly, the map clearly shows different areas of Pattaya. The large shaded areas show Central, South, North Pattaya and Naklua, Jomtien, Na Jomtien and Pratumnak Hill. Further details on the map show Pattaya’s main nightlife zones, beaches, shopping malls and points of interest. A description of each area in Pattaya (below) corresponds with the information on the map.

Make a list of things you want to do and places you want to visit in Pattaya: Do you want to relax on a quiet beach by day then party by night ?, Consider a beach resort at Wongamat or Na Jomtien. Are you visiting Pattaya with a young family ?, a beach resort or family friendly resort with child’s pool and kids club would be ideal. Are you only visiting Pattaya for the nightlife ?, look for a guest friendly hotel in central or South Pattaya.

Central Pattaya
  • Nightlife spots within walking distance of hotels in Central Pattaya include Walking Street, Soi Diana Inn, Soi LK Metro, Soi Baukhao, South Pattaya-Land and Pattaya Beach Road.
  • Shopping malls in the vicinity of Central Pattaya: The Avenue, Royal Garden Plaza, Mike’s Shopping Mall, Central Festival Pattaya Beach Mall. Also within walking distance is Friendship supermarket and Soi Baukhao Tuesday and Friday Market.
  • Entertainment and Amusements around Central Pattaya: Cinema at Central Festival Beach Mall and the Avenue Mall, Tenpin Bowling at Central Festival Beach Mall and the Avenue Mall. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Sky Rider Balloon, and Louis Tussauds World of Wax at Royal Garden Plaza. 9 Ball Pool at the Avenue and Soi Diana Inn, snooker tables upstairs at Mike’s Department Store, public swimming pool on the roof of Mike’s Shopping Mall. Mario Land children’s arcade and amusements at Central Festival Beach Mall. Swimming, Banana Boat rides and Para-sending at Pattaya Beach.
  • Food and drink: There’s just about every kind of food imaginable available in Central Pattaya, Thai street food, steak houses, western restaurants, KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, Swensen ice cream, even Japanese and Korean food.
  • Getting around: Within walking distance of most nightlife and shopping venues. Baht buses are regular, and motorcycle taxi ranks can be found on almost every street corner.
  • Good for: Nightlife, shopping, amusements, beach, dining, lots of hotels and guest houses in all price ranges.
South Pattaya.
  • Nightlife in South Pattaya: Very close to Walking Street, South Pattaya-Land and Beach Road, still within easy reach of venues in Central Pattaya.
  • Shopping in South Pattaya: Royal Garden Plaza, Mike’s Department Store, Soi Baukhao Market and Friendship supermarket are all both close by.
  • Entertainment and amusements: Same as Central Pattaya but Central Festival Beach Mall is about a 15 minute walk. The 2 Sky Ball and a Go Kart track at Bali Hai are both within walking distance.
  • Food and drink: Same as Central Pattaya, with the added bonus of some first class seafood restaurants on Walking Street.
  • Getting around: Same as Central Pattaya, there is lots you can see and do on foot, but baht buses and motorcycle taxis are always available.
  • Good for: Nightlife, shopping, beach, dining, good choice of hotels.
North Pattaya.
  • Nightlife in North Pattaya: There’s a couple of bar complexes on Second Road and Beach Road, girlie bars on Soi 6, and Sois 7 and 8 are still within walking distance.
  • Shopping: Big C shopping complex is the most convenient, but all the major shopping malls can easily be reached by baht bus or taxi.
  • Entertainment and amusements: Cinema at Big C, Tenpin Bowling, Pool and Snooker above Tops supermarket, Badminton and Tennis at Fairtex sports center, swimming and water activities at Pattaya Beach. Two of Pattaya’s most famous Lady-boy cabaret shows, Tiffany’s and Alcazar are in North Pattaya, and there is a pistol shooting facility in the basement of Tiffany’s.
  • Food and drink: Still lots of options for Thai, western, street food and fast food.
  • Getting around: lots to see and do within walking distance, or take a baht bus north on Second Road, south on Beach Road, lots of motorcycle taxi ranks.
  • Good for: nightlife, shopping, cabaret shows, beach, dining, good choice of hotels.
  • Nightlife in Naklua: Not much nightlife to speak of in Naklua, but there are bars on Naklua Road and the roads down to Wongamat Beach. Naklua is a good choice for families or anyone who doesn’t want to be amongst the nightlife.
  • Shopping in Naklua: No major shopping malls here but plenty of corner shops and 7-11’s to stock up on essentials.
  • Entertainment and amusement: Aside from beach activities and a visit to the Sanctuary of Truth there’s not an awful lot to do. children might appreciate a visit to Lan Pho public park, and the local fresh market is worth a visit.
  • Food and drink: Some excellent seafood restaurants, an excellent Thai and western food restaurant (Rim Talay) on Wongamat Beach, and also night time beach barbecues in front of the resorts.
  • Getting around: Unless you plan on staying on the beach all day, or do a lot of walking, youll be dependent on hotel shuttles, motorcycle taxis and baht buses.
  • Good for: family holidays, beach holidays, seafood.
  • Jomtien nightlife: There is one bar complex of note on Soi Rompho, a couple of Go-Go bars, and some open fronted bars on the sois off Jomtien Beach Road, mainly concentrated on the northern end of Jomtien. Nightlife here is fairly quiet and family orientated.
  • Shopping: There is a night market on Jomtien Beach Road and a food market on Soi Rompho, Thepprasit night market is only a short baht bus ride away. Many souvenir stalls and convenience stores on Jomtien Beach Road.
  • Entertainment and amusements: Beach activities, including Jet Ski riding, Banana Boats and para-sending are popular. There is an Elephant trekking center and a shooting range close by. Pattaya Water Park is an excellent family day out, the park also has a selection children’s rides and a tower shot, if you have a head for heights there is a cable ride to the top of Pattaya Park Tower.
  • Food and drink: Good choice of Thai and western restaurants, some popular seafood restaurants, most notably Pu Pen at the southern end of Jomtien Beach Road.
  • Getting around: Baht bus or taxi is the best way to travel any substantial distance, baht buses run regular from Jomtien Beach Road to Pattaya.
  • Good for: family holiday, beach, dining, good choice of accommodation in all price ranges.
Pratumnak Hill.
  • Nightlife: Similar to Naklua, a fairly quiet area but conveniently close to Walking Street and South Pattaya.
  • Shopping: 1 or 2 mini marts, corner shops and 7-11’s.
  • Entertainment: This area is within easy reach of Bali Hai, Bali High Viewing Point, Pattaya Viewing Point, the Buddha on the hill, the Fitness Park and Pattaya Water Park.
  • Food and drink: Good choice of restaurants in the area, some of the most highly rated restaurants in Pattaya are on Pratumnak and Thappraya roads.
  • Getting around: Baht buses operate between Pattaya and Jomtien on Pratumnak and Thappraya roads.
  • Good for: dining, convenient location close to Walking Street, and not far from Jomtien.
Na Jomtien.
  • Nightlife: You can forget about nightlife in Na Jomtien, except for some nice little beach bars, resort bars, and restaurants.
  • Shopping: Nearest shops to most resorts will actually be convenience stores and mini marts on the highway.
  • Entertainment: There are 2 Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding schools on Na Jomtien Beach, The Jomtien Elephant Trekking Center and a Shooting range are a short way up the highway. Other attractions just a short ride away are the Cartoon Network Amazone water park, Pattaya Floating Market, Mimosa, Alangkarn Theater, and Nong Nooch Gardens.
  • Food and drink: Na Jomtien can probably boast the best beach restaurants in the Pattaya area, The Glass House and The View both have tables right on the beach. A little further north there is a row of restaurants on the waters edge. South of the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, only accessible via the highway is Pattaya’s most famous seafood restaurant, ‘Preecha Seafood’.
  • Getting around: Unless you have your own transport you will have to use hotel shuttle services or baht buses on the highway. Baht buses run regular in both directions, and at 20 – 30 baht per person they are extremely cheap.
  • Good for: Beach holidays and family holidays, beach dining, relaxing, wind surfing and kite boarding.

Walk in vs advance hotel booking.

A friend of mine recently stayed at the Siam@Siam Design hotel in Pattaya, after checking the rates on Agoda he thought he might be able to negotiate a better “walk in” rate. So at the hotel counter he asks the rate, which turned out to be almost double the rate offered by Agoda, and it was strictly non negotiable. I’m sure you have experienced or heard of this scenario before, he made the booking with Agoda via his mobile phone, right there in hotel foyer, and got the room for nearly half the walk in rate.

Why is on-line hotel booking cheaper than walk in ?.

It seems absolutely crazy and senseless, you can book a room on-line cheaper than you can at the front desk, even while you are standing at the front desk. There are a few suggested reasons for this, which I admittedly found by doing a Google search. 1, the hotel has allotted so many rooms to a third party booking site, which means giving the room to a walk in guest may subtract from the third party booking site’s allotted amount. 2, a hotel may ruin its reputation if pre-booked customers discover they have paid more than walk in customers. 3, The rack rate has been set by management, and the desk staff have no authority to authorize discounts to walk ins. If it becomes common knowledge that a hotel is giving lower rates to walk in guests they will not receive as many advanced bookings, making their inventory much harder to manage.

Get discounted walk in rates at smaller hotels in Pattaya.

Larger hotels and especially chain hotels like Hilton and Marriot are very unlikely to offer any discount for walk in customers. But smaller independent hotels and guest houses, of which there are hundreds in Pattaya, are often not advertised on Internet hotel booking sites. They rely on walk in customers and recommendations, or their own hotel website for bookings. Their prices are often displayed outside or in the foyer, the displayed price is the rack rate (walk in price). Because they do not have on-line discounts they are more willing to negotiate at the desk. As already discussed in the Backpacker Guide To Pattaya, there are many bars and restaurants which have rooms for rent, even in the high season it’s possible to find these types of room, and it’s still possible to get discounted walk in prices.

Pattaya hotel walk in discount tips.

  • Central Pattaya has a high concentration of small hotels, guest houses and rooms for rent, making it much easier to find a room at a competitive price.
  • After 6 PM, and even more so after 8PM are the best times to negotiate a walk in deal.
  • If possible leave your luggage outside, they will think you are less inclined to walk back out if you take your luggage inside.
  • Some of the larger hotels advertised on booking sites are prepared to discount, be prepared to settle at a price between the rack rate and the discounted on-line rate.

Book in advance during high season.

You will never struggle to find a room in Pattaya, even in the high season it is possible to get a walk in deal. The trouble is, it might not be what you want, you may be booking your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th choice hotel because your initial choice was fully booked. Pattaya’s cheapest and most popular hotel rooms sell fast during high season, especially around the Christmas and New Year Period. If you know which hotel you would like to stay at, and you know the dates you will be traveling, you should think about booking at least 3 or 4 weeks in advance.

Best Pattaya Hotel Booking Sites.

I compared prices of all the major hotel booking sites before writing this post. While making the comparisons I found that all the sites, including the hotels own websites were offering huge discounts. The discounts offered were almost identical from site to site, the difference in final room prices was also identical or negligible, a matter of 12 – 15 baht per night. One site which consistently had the cheapest offers was Agoda, but as already mentioned, the difference of 12 – 15 baht per night is almost negligible. So I would say the best hotel booking site is really a matter of personal preference, but Agoda do promise to match or better any on-line rate (see “best price guarantee” below). I’ve listed a few stand out points which will help you choose the right Pattaya hotel booking site for you.

  • have the largest selection of hotels in Pattaya.
  • Agoda also consistently beat all their competitors on price, but the difference is so small it’s almost negligible.
  • have an increasing number of hotels throughout Thailand which you can book without a credit card.
  • Rooms which are “unavailable” on one site are often available on another site.
  • Some hotels do not make all room types available to independent booking sites, one such example is the Centara Grand Mirage, their “Royal Suite” is only available through the hotel website.
  • Agoda has the best options for refining your search by area, price, ratings, nearby attractions and amenities.
  • You’re more likely to get a better room if you book through a large, well known booking site, reason being, these large sites encourage customers to write a review, so the hotel is more likely to give you the corner room with a view, and save inferior rooms for walk-ins, or guests who booked through a minor site.
  • is the best Pattaya hotel aggregator, their combined hotel search has more than 1,100 hotels listed in Pattaya.
  • Many sites, including Agoda show the rate without the additional 10 percent service charge and 7 percent hotel tax, it is not added until you commence the booking process.

Best price guarantee.

Get guaranteed cheapest Pattaya hotel room rates (Agoda affiliate): Agoda claim they will match or better any price found on another hotel booking site. Some of the conditions include, it must be the same room, in the same hotel, for the same dates, and the same booking and payment conditions. You must already have a confirmed booking through Agoda, but if you find a better offer by a rival on-line booking site afterwards, and you meet the conditions they will reimburse you the difference.

More booking tips and considerations.

  • Pattaya hotel prices fluctuate immensely from high season to low season, but when Pattaya does Pattaya’s high and low season start and finish. Get a great deal before or after high season.
  • Does the hotel have all the amenities you require.
  • Does it have free WI-fi, is it free in the room or only in public areas.
  • Some hotels charge excessive amounts for WI-fi.
  • Is the hotel guest friendly, some hotels charge a “joiners fee” when you take a guest back.
  • Do you want a nice view, make sure you get one otherwise you may be greeted by another hotel wall or rooftops.
  • Is there disabled access to, and within the hotel.
  • Is breakfast included in the room price.
  • Does the hotel have elevators
  • Just because a resort calls itself a beach resort does not always mean it’s on the beach.
  • If you’re looking for walk in deals, always inspect the room first.
  • Chain hotels often tend to be more expensive than independent hotels.
  • Even if you booked through a third party booking site, it’s worth calling the hotel the day before you travel to ask if there any upgrades available.
  • Add special requirements when booking, but to be certain they are passed on, call the hotel direct.
  • Be certain that your travel plans will not change before committing to booking a non refundable hotel room.
  • Have a copy of your booking confirmation with you when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Check the hotel website for fees which may have been omitted from the booking site page.
Distances from Central Pattaya.
  • Central Pattaya Road to North Pattaya Road = 1.7 kilometers.
  • Central Pattaya Road to South Pattaya Road = 1.14 kilometers.
  • Central Pattaya Road to Jomtien = 4.6 kilometers.
  • Central Pattaya Road to Wongamat Beach = 3.14 kilometers.
  • Central Pattaya Road to Na Jomtien Beach = 11 kilometers.

Make use of the map: you’ll find it very handy, the main tourist areas of Pattaya are clearly highlighted, as are Pattaya’s main nightlife zones, beaches and shopping centers. Opening a larger view of the map (opens in a new tab) will show you a much more detailed view.

View Pattaya For Visitors in a larger map