Splashdown Pattaya Water Park

Pattaya Splashdown water park admission/entry prices: at the time of writing this post (July 2015) the entry prices were 650 baht for Thais, 1,500 baht for foreigners, these prices apply for adults and children. Foreigners with a Thai driving license or Thai work permit can enter for the Thai price of 650 baht. Customers who do not wish to participate can enter for 200 baht.

Getting to Splashdown water park: Splashdown is located on the west side of Highway 36, between the Naklua intersection and the Bira race track/Siam Country Club road. Address: 105/2, M00 2, Tambon Pong, Amphur Banglamung, Pattaya. See the map at the bottom of this page to get directions to Splashdown water park. For me the easiest route was to take Soi Siam Country Club past Siam Country Club golf courses and Bira race track until arriving at the Highway 36, turn left on the 36, Splashdown is about 2 minutes drive on the left hand side. Coming back just turn left out of Splashdown, then take the Naklua intersection back to Mabprachan.

What is Splashdown water park

Splashdown is an outdoor adventure park comprising large inflatable water slides, a zorb course, and inflatable obstacle courses inspired by the famous game show “Wipeout”. There are 8 features at Splashdown water park, including the Big Red Balls, Super Slider, Zorb Racer, Big Blue, Square Runner, Big Blob, Zorb Mountain, and Kids Zone.

Who is eligible to play at Splashdown water park: children measuring 120 centimeters are permitted to use all the features at Splashdown. The only exception to this rule in my case was my 8 year old son who is just over 120 centimeters was not large enough to use Zorb Mountain.

Pattaya Splashdown opening times: open every day from 9AM (0900) to 9PM (2100).

The big red balls at Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Running across the big red balls.

The Big Red Balls (photo above) is one of the most popular and challenging obstacles at Splashdown. I’m sure everyone is accustomed to watching contestants fail the Big Red Balls hilariously on Wipeout, and it’s no different at Splashdown.

Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Fly or levitate across the big red balls !.

The best way to attack the big red balls is to run fast, as demonstrated by one of the park safety staff who was the only person I saw make it across successfully.

Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Make a dramatic exit from the big red balls, the usual outcome no matter if you run, levitate or fly.

For everyone except the resident expert, whether they tried running, hopping, crawling, flying or levitating, the outcome was almost inevitably dramatic, entertaining and very wet. I guess that’s why they call it Splashdown.

Climbing to the top of a water slide at Splashdown adventure water park, Pattaya Thailand

A long steep climb to the top of the water slides.

One of the slides is 50 feet high, not only is it a hair raising ride, it’s a hair raising climb, at least they have steps at Cartoon Network Amazone.

pattaya splashdown waterpark

The slides are high at Splashdown, allowing plenty of time to compose your favorite pose before plunging into the water. Alex chose an impersonation of Lewis Hamilton eating noodles at the wheel of an F1 car.

Zorb ball at Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Pushing the Zorb to the top of the hill.

pattaya zorb ball at splashdown waterpark

All aboard the Zorb and ready to roll.

Zorbing at Splasdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

After a gentle spin, your nice clean kids are ready to be extracted, don’t forget to add some soap powder.

Facilities at Splashdown

There is a bar and a food counter on site. Prices are reasonable but not cheap, chicken nuggets and chips cost 99 baht, a small bottle of Chang costs 80 baht. Other facilities include toilets, shower room, and lockers.

Snacks at Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Ice cream and snacks at Splashdown.

The bar at Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages at Splashdown.

Shaded seating area at Splashdown water park, Pattaya Thailand

Somewhere to shade, eat, drink, sit and watch the frills and spills.

Pattaya Splashdown Tips

  • Make sure your life-vest fits snugly, especially on children who are not confident swimmers, the splash pools are 2 meters deep.
  • Make sure your safety shoes fit well or you will suffer from blisters.
  • Don’t rely on the attendants/life guards to monitor your children. Close to the Zorb Racer and and The Big Blue there is a speaker belting out loud music. My little boy became snared under an inflatable ring, he panicked and screamed but nobody could hear him due to the loud music.
  • Don’t gulp the water from the splash pools.
  • Don’t forget your camera, or you’ll miss some memorable photo opportunities.

Splashdown Rating

I was mainly a spectator for the 6 hours we were there, but watching the kids have fun made it a worthwhile day out. If I was to compare Splashdown to Cartoon Network Amazone, I would say you get more frills for your money at Cartoon Network Amazone, but the comparison is hardly fair because Splashdown is more about user participation. The challenge of The Big Red Balls, the exhilarating speed of Super Slider, and the breathtaking hurtle into the sky on the Big Blob were the most popular features, and after 6 hours my kids were still going strong. Food and drink is relatively cheap compared to places like Cartoon Network Amazone, but the choice of food is not as good. My kids verdict of Splashdown is “it’s great” and I’m not going to disagree.

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