Pattaya Hotels Without Credit Card

Did you know you can book a hotel room in Pattaya without using a credit card. The links on this page contain over 80 hotels, resorts and guesthouses located in central, south, and north Pattaya which are bookable through without requiring a credit or debit card.

Book a hotel or resort in South Pattaya without a credit card.

Book a hotel or resort in Central Pattaya without a credit card.

Book a hotel or resort in North Pattaya without a credit card.

The above information was correct as of July 2014. If you find the information on these pages at to be incorrect or outdated then I suggest you use the Chonburi page to browse all hotels in the Pattaya area, ranging from Bangsaen in the north and Bangsare (Bang Saray) to the south, and all areas in Pattaya City. Whilst browsing hotels, those which are available for booking without the use of a credit card are clearly marked “Reservation possible without a credit card“, if you click and open the hotel page this information will again be clearly confirmed by “No credit card details are required to book this property“.

Room booking without credit card is conditional.

The availability of hotels and rooms which can be booked without using credit card details is an arrangement between and the hotel, resort, guest house etc, and rooms may only be bookable without a credit card under certain conditions stipulated by the hotel in question. I had previously wrote an article “Thailand Hotel Booking Without a Credit Card“, after discovering an online company named ‘ido24′ who also offered hotels and resorts throughout Thailand which could be booked and payed for without a credit or debit card, that company has since folded or changed hands, and the service no longer exists through them. I have since updated the page and added links to, this should be welcome news to anyone in Thailand who would like to book a hotel but does not have the luxury of a credit or debit card.